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Footage shows the animals wrestle him to the ground . The clip also shows the tigers biting his head and neck as officials toss firecrackers in the enclosure . Eventually they reportedly drag the victim by the foot into the woods of the enclosure

MAULED BY TIGERS Tourist mauled to death in front of his wife and child by THREE tigers after ‘climbing into zoo enclosure at feeding time’

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A TOURIST has been mauled ‘to death’ by three tigers in front of his wife and child, stunned witnesses have reported, according to reports. Chinese media claims the father died after he entered the enclosure and walked towards the hungry cats as they were feeding – one tiger was shot and killed during the drama.

Horrendous footage shows the visitor writhing in agony on the floor as the three animals bite and claw his body with their massive paws. The tigers attacked the man inside Ningbo Younger Zoo, in east China, and were undeterred when zoo keepers tried to scare them off with firecrackers and water canons.

Local reports say the man has died from his injuries after the the captive creatures bit into his head and neck. Other visitors watch helplessly as his clothes were ripped off and he lay face down on the ground in just pants.

At one point in the shocking clip the man unsuccessfully tries to fend off one of the tigers with his foot. According to ntdtv.com one tiger was then seen dragging the man’s blood-soaked body into the enclosure woods by his foot.

One horrified witness told the South China Morning Post: “I saw the tiger mauling the person, whose face was covered with blood. Every time he sat up, the tiger pushed him down again.”

Bystanders said he walked into an isolation zone shortly before 2.30 p.m. local time (6,30 a.m. UK time) and crossed a river that separates the enclosure from visitors. Shocked witnesses told local news agencies the man was with his wife and child when he entered the ‘Tiger Hill’ enclosure.

Emergency workers rushed the man to a hospital in east China’s Zhejiang Province today. Conflicting reports are still emerging about the man’s condition, with some suggesting medical staff are still treating his injuries and others suggesting he has died.

Officials closed the zoo at 3 p.m. – police and forestry bureau staff arrived 15 minutes later. Yesterday a white Bengal tiger caused chaos in the streets of Sicily after escaping from a circus. Residents barricaded themselves inside their homes, while the tiger was trapped and surrounded by special police in a private parking lot.

This month a vet and his assistant were mauled to death by three bloodthirsty lions inside a wildlife reserve. A security official at the park in western Jordan says the deadly big cats were put down after Sunday’s attack.

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