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Pillo is a smart, internet-connected robot that takes care of all your health issues. (Photo: Pillo Health)

Meet Pillo, an AI robot that takes care of your health

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Maintaining a healthy life in the middle of hectic schedules can be a painstaking task; numerous professionals complain of health issues as they don’t get adequate time to take care of themselves after juggling around between their social and professional life,The Deccan Chronicle reports.

To fulfill this requisite, Pillo Health, a technology company aimed at contributing towards smart home health solutions, started off with an idea in June 2014, and after working for over two years, the team has now developed a smart robot, dubbed Pillo, which can take care of all your health issues.

The small robot, which is a health focused emulation of Amazon’s Echo, is capable dispensing medicinal pills automatically, using facial and voice recognition software.

The unique quotient about this extremely nifty internet-connected device is its capability to recognise multiple family members seamlessly and even giving them their daily medical dosage, health advice, reports. According to the company, the robots functionality will grow as it learns more about family members in a house.

 Apart from storing up to 250 medium-sized pills, it keeps track of who has and hasn’t taken their daily dosage, answers health queries, and can even order relevant pills when they are about to exhaust.

It’s really serious about your daily dosage; if you miss out on your pills for the day, the intelligent robot can send out an alert to a caretaker or family member. Now that’s something really useful and unique.

Apart from doing its bit with utmost care, Pillo can also connect you with doctors via exiting tele-medicine services, utilising integrated HD camera and microphones.

It can also pair with your smartphones or wearable fitness tracking devices via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to build up a solid health profile from the data/records it obtains.

Currently, it is available on international crowd-financing website Indiegogo for a price of $299 (Rs 20,000 approximately) and if it sees the light of the day, the company plans to retail it at $599 (Rs 40,000 approximately).

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