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Amy is ditching glamour modelling for the beautiful game W8MEADIA

Meet the glamour model giving it all up to become a football referee

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THE beautiful game just got a lot more beautiful, after a former glamour model hung up her bikini to pursue her dreams of becoming a top ref, The Sun reports. Amy Christophers was a sizzling pin-up for ten years under the name Brandy Brewer before giving it all up to embrace her true passion.

The Cornish footie fan has earned her first FA refereeing qualification and has her eyes set on becoming the best ref in the business. She said: “I’ve always loved football and thought becoming a referee would be a great way to get closer to the action. “There aren’t enough women being represented and it’s fantastic to show that girls can do it just as well.

“This isn’t just a hobby, it’s a passion. I take this very seriously.”  The 29-year-old entered her first stage of her badges in October, meaning she is allowed to take charge of local matches and youth games.  Although she is still a number of levels away from being a top-tier official, Chelsea fan Amy is desperate to progress – even if the men she’s officiating don’t always know what to make of her.

Amy said: “I think when guys see me walk on to the pitch in my make-up they don’t always think ‘Oh she knows what she’s doing’ but they’re always shocked when I know more than them.  “It’s so much fun learning it all, you get a different perspective on football as the ref – these split-second decisions are so hard.

“As a football fan I thought I knew it all but it’s nothing until you become a ref.  “You have to be much more aware.  “I’ve taken charge of official under-16 matches and a few adult games so it’s just a case of building up my confidence. “I absolutely love it and I’m improving with every game. The Premier League would be a dream but I’m just excited to see how far I can get.”

The babe is following in the footsteps of lineswoman Sian Massey-Ellis, an official in the Premier League.  Amy said: “Sian is an inspiration to all women thinking about getting involved in the game.  “She’s performed at the highest level and done it so well.”

She added: “Attitudes to women in football are improving all the time.  “It’s no longer considered strange for women to be interested in the sport or even actively involved.”

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