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CHHATTISGARH, INDIA- JUNE ,17, 2016: Surendera Kumar, 20, plays kabaddi (a traditional Indian sport) with village children at Arjalpara village in Chhattisgarh, India. Surendera and his sister Rajeshwari Kumari, 25, have an appearance and lifestyle similar to the famous fictional character ¿Mowgli¿ from The Jungle Book stories by Rudyard Kipling. They lead a different life to their peers and have a deep love for the jungle and wild animals. They are often spotted climbing trees and swinging from one branch to another near their home in a remote jungle. The siblings never learnt to speak properly and can only say the words Mum and Dad. Not only this, the siblings have also been spotted behaving like animals. They play, share food and bond with them. Photography by : Cover Asia Press / Indraneel Bose

MEET THE ‘MOWGLI KIDS’ Indian siblings wander into jungle with tigers and other wild animals for days at a time… but always come back unharmed

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INDIAN siblings Surendera, 20, and Rajeshwari, 25, Kumar have been compared to Mowgli from the Jungle Book, The Sun reports. The pair often spend three days at a time in remote jungle near their home in Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh, central India.

Their mother Pancho Bai, 45, worries for their safety, and Surendera’s in particular. She said: “He roams around in the jungle and I have to drag him home. I have seen him playing Kabaddi sporting game and hide and seek with monkeys and chasing them around. I’ve often seen him behaving like a monkey.

“People in our village have even tagged him a Gorilla for the way he walks. He has a bond with animals and I believe that is why no animal has ever harmed him. “Strangers in our area are often shocked and frightened by his Gorilla like appearance but the children are now used to him and they often play.”

Pancho said the pair were born looking different to her three other children. “They were both born this way,” she said. “They started walking normally aged one but neither have been able to talk properly, and have this remarkable connection to the outdoors.”

The family live in a Naxal dominated area, which is a communist guerrilla group in central India. The group murdered their father in 2014 when he was searching for his children in the jungle.

Pancho, who works as a cleaner a few days a month and earns Rs160 a day (£1.50), said: “They’d gone into the jungle but when they didn’t return my husband went looking for them. He went deep into the jungle to search for them and the Naxalites got suspicious and killed him.

“The children eventually returned home after three days with the help of some villagers but my husband was gone forever. I often worry my children will face the same end.” Pancho’s brother-in-law, Harish Chandra Godh, 40, helps support the family. He gives Pancho a small part of his monthly income of Rs 3,000 (£30) for meals.

He said: “We took the children to the doctor once because we knew they were different to other children but the doctor said they could not help. We have now appealed to the government for some kind of medical assistance.

“They enjoy the jungle but I believe they would have a better quality of life if they were in a town so that they had more things going on around them. They have adapted to this jungle life.”

Dr Mithlesh Chaudhari, 52, the government’s Chief Medical Officer said: “The two siblings have a disorder where the brain has not developed fully. It is a congenital disease, which occurs at birth.

“The under development of their brain has left their skull also under developed, which has given them a monkey-like appearance. It is impossible to treat them as we cannot identify their condition.

“They now live their lives in the jungle, everyone knows about them and they seem to be able to look after themselves quite well in the jungle as they’ve never faced any harm.”

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