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From former banker to full-blown reptile... Tiamat has certainly made a dramatic transformation mediadrumworld.com

Meet the transgender banker who’s chopped off her ears and had horns implanted… to become a DRAGON

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A FORMER banker has had both ears cosmetically removed as part of his quest to become a DRAGON, The Sun reports. Growing up in Texas, US, Richard Hernandez felt he was actually a woman trapped into a man’s body. Decades later, Richard, 55, now identifies as Tiamat – preferring to be referred to as ‘it’ instead of she or he.

 Tiamat, who lives in New Mexico, recently undertook an extreme operation that involved cutting back both of its ears in a procedure known as the ‘double Van Gogh’.Taking inspiration from JK Rowling’s Voldemort character, Tiamat also decided to have its nose re-shaped to compliment it’s reptilian features.

As well as covering his body in scales made up of tattoos, their bizarre modifications include forehead horn implants and green eye staining. Tiamat explained: “I am morphing into what I call my true form as a once-mythical dragon… “(First) I got my subdermal brow implants.

“The second outwardly visible reptilian feature came to life when I had snake scales added to my face. “I am presently 95 per cent covered in snake scale outline… “I hope to enable people to have an appreciation for the art of body modification.” Over the years, Tiamat estimates spending over £24,000 worth on cosmetic surgery and is planning more ops in the future.

Tiamat said: “What I like about body mods is everything from the aesthetic appeal, the sexual pleasure, the shock value and most important of all, personal gratification and spiritual significance.”  Since transitioning and going under the knife dozens of times, Tiamat now feels comfortable in his own skin. He revealed: “Body Modification has given me a new life, a second chance to live my life.

“I am happy and at long last at peace with my complete self, how I see and feel myself. “Perfection is a magical thing to experience.”

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