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Mentally ill people in Indonesia kept in chains

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As the investigation of the Human Rights organization showed, people born with mental illnesses are kept in chains as the citizens of the country have ho access to the medical treatment for their sick family members or friends.
The general practice of keeping the mentally ill person is to put him in chain and send to a special establishment with no hygiene whatsoever. As a father of a girl with mental health problems said he kept her daughter isolated in a separate room that has never been cleaned.
The girl has no contact with the outer world; she is not bathed or dressed up. The family locked her up as they were afraid she can embarrass them or cause some harm to the family members or the neighbors. And since the treatment is expensive, they did not know what to do despite locking her up.
The large country of Indonesia with more than 250 million citizens only has eight hundred psychiatrists and less than fifty of mental hospitals. The government assigns little money for the health care; the mental health problems are left unattended.
The organization of Human Rights works with the problem and encourages people from all over the world to support their initiative to save people with mental health issues in Indonesia from living like animals. News tags: Indonesia, people, mental hospitals, health problems, sick, according to RELNEWS.

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