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Messes, panic result when Carnival cruise ship lists

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The Carnival Cruise Line said a technical issue was to blame for the mess caused when a ship listed, or tilted, hours after leaving a Florida port, according to UPI.

The cruise line said the Carnival Sunshine cruise ship listed dramatically Sunday evening, hours after departing Port Canaveral, due to a fin stabilizer malfunction that was quickly corrected.

 Passengers said the tilting ship caused various messes inside the vessel, as well as some panicking among confused customers.

“I didn’t think anything of it, since it’s not uncommon for ships to rock back and forth. But it didn’t rock back. It kept leaning,” passenger David Crews told WKMG-TV. “Plates and silverware started sliding off the tables. Then the tables themselves started to slide. Glasses and plates started to fall and shatter. At this point, it was pure chaos. Screams. Cries. Panic.”

Other passengers tweeted about the experience.

“Water ran out if the pools glasses shattered in my room and drink spilled in my suitcase!” passenger Connie Calvert wrote.

No injuries were reported from the listing. “Following the incident, evening events resumed for our guests,” Carnival officials said in a statement.

“Carnival Sunshine proceeded on its Caribbean cruise as scheduled. We are very sorry for the disruption this caused. The ship remains fully operational and will sail as scheduled. We remain confident of the safety of the ship as we are committed to the safety of our guests and crew,” the statement said.

The Carnival Sunshine is scheduled to dock Friday at Port Canaveral.

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