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Kingpin ... Usmat Ullah Sahak, 38 ­ part of an Afghan gang operating across the UK and France was filmed taking £4,000 to bring in an immigrant The Sun

Migrant Mr Big exposed: Birmingham gangster who smuggles thousands of illegals into the UK in 24 hour a day operation

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AN underworld boss whose network has smuggled thousands of illegal immigrants into Britain is exposed today by a Sun investigation, The Sun reports.  Usmat Ullah Sahak, 38 — part of an Afghan gang operating across the UK and France — was filmed taking £4,000 to bring in an immigrant.

Colleagues of the Birmingham-based kingpin say they smuggle people on trucks 24 hours a day with one brazen traffiker bragging: “We do this 24/7, it’s our business.” The Afghan, named Khalil, explained his operation to a Sun investigator sent to him by Birmingham-based mastermind Sahak.

Khalil and a fellow Afghan named Sher — both previously kicked out of the UK — work out of a remote French lorry park under cover of darkness. They say they have sent up to 27 migrants per night across the Channel — making up the payload in trucks which are otherwise underweight. Our man, posing as an illegal immigrant, travelled from Paris to meet up with the pair after Sahak accepted a £4,000 payment to smuggle him into Britain.

The Sun launched a probe after receiving a tip-off about the kingpin, who claims to work for Birmingham City University and runs his international empire from the quiet suburb of Alum Rock. Dubbed The Truck King by associates, Sahak boasted how he had regularly smuggled people in and out of the UK and said he had “agents” in France who could help migrants travel here.

n the two-month investigation, our team infiltrated the gang both in Britain and across the Channel — and covertly filmed 38-year-old Sahak taking the £4,000.  The smugglers, part of a huge Afghan network,¿ take migrants from the Jungle camp at Calais to a secret base 20 miles inland, where they are put on lorries.¿

The ¿operation¿ poses a major security risk in the wake of last year’s Paris attacks and heightened fears over returning Jihadi fighters.  After the payment to Sahak, our man “Faisal” was put in touch with smugglers in northern France.

They directed him to the Jungle before moving him down to the leafy French town of Saint-Omer. There he was met by one of the gang’s runners who walked him to the smuggler camp outside the town. We later watched as Khalil and Sher made one of their nightly forays to the nearby truck park.

Khalil, who said he knew Sahak while working as a builder in Birmingham for two years, bragged: “This is Khalil’s Jungle. These guys here are all going. We have our parking for lorries 20 or 30 minutes away. I stand there and get you in. “I open it, load you on and shut it. And 40 minutes from here you are going to England.

“I have to get you to England, this is our job, it’s what we do. We are here 24 hours doing nothing else — this is what we do, it’s our business.”   During the meeting Khalil, sporting a Manchester United shirt and traditional Afghan hat, contacted Sahak, who reassured our man he would be looked after by the gang.

Khalil then said: “You don’t worry. Usmat is my friend. He is coming here as well to help and we do this together.” He added: “These British sister-f***ers caught me and kicked me out 2011, sent me to Afghanistan. “I’m gonna go back. I’ll show them they made a mistake deporting me.

“We have people coming all the time, this is nothing. Sometimes we have 25, 27 people going on trucks.” Sher, who claims he lived in England for eight years, said his network has two smugglers in Dunkirk. He said: “We’ve sent many people from here, people from Azerbaijan, Egypt, Pakistan, all sorts of places.

“It’s what we do and we’ve been doing it for years. Nothing else gives us the thrill, opening up trucks, loading people on and sending them on.” Once migrants make it past England’s south coast ports they are free to jump out of the trucks. Sahak has lived in Britain almost 15 years — arriving shortly after the US-led invasion of Afghanistan.

Our tip-off about his empire came after we were told he had shipped one illegal immigrant out of the UK, but could also bring people in. Sahak told our investigator he made no money from the network.  He said: “I want to say I don’t have a penny to gain. I’m not saying I don’t do this because I do — but mostly I do it for people going out.

“Our guys will get him on the vehicle. I will not give a penny till you tell me your guy is here.” Later Sahak spoke to our man in Paris, saying he worked with three smuggling gangs in France before putting him in touch with Khalil’s. Our probe came as security sources said up to 60 members of Paris mastermind Abdelhamid Abaaoud’s IS network had fanned out into Europe including Britain.

Officials have told how IS terrorists have used the migrant crisis as cover to travel across Europe. The Sun has handed its dossier of evidence to the National Crime Agency, which said the information was “greatly appreciated”.

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