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John Campbell, 65, is facing jail after he was found guilty of spiking a woman's drink and raping her Kerry Davies / INS News Agency Ltd

Millionairematch.com businessman, 65, guilty of raping air hostess after spiking her wine with ecstasy

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A BUSINESSMAN is facing jail after he was found guilty of drugging and raping an air hostess he met on a millionaire’s dating website.  Finance director John Campbell, 65, slipped party drug ecstasy into her glass of rosé wine after inviting her for drinks in the garden of his Buckinghamshire home. She woke up naked with memory blanks after he raped her while she was in a drug-induced stupor.

 Campbell had told a friend he liked having sex with women who had taken drugs because the effects “left them screaming for more”, a jury heard.The loans company boss dated the stewardess for six months after they met through an exclusive site for wealthy singletons called millionairematch.com.It aims to match “successful singles and admirers” and claims “pro athletes, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, beauty queens and Hollywood celebrities” are among its members.

The “millionaires” are required to have an income above £132,000 a year. The woman, who cannot be named, told police she “lost several hours” after becoming violently sick soon after Campbell went inside the house to top up her drink. Divorcee Campbell, who was married for 30 years, tried to convince her she had food poisoning.

But she recalled her pupils dilated and she was clenching her teeth uncontrollably – both symptoms of MDMA, the jury heard. She had blood and urine tests fearful of failing a drugs test at work, and confessed to police there were large gaps in her memory of the evening. Some of what happened later came to her in flashbacks.

The pair had enjoyed a normal sexual relationship for six months before the rape on June 14 last year, the court heard. Alisdair Smith, prosecuting, told the trial: “The prosecution argue that he gave her MDMA, commonly known as ecstasy, without her knowledge and, whilst she was stupefied by the drug, he had sex with her without consent.

“Because she was not used to the drug it made her violently sick. This made her realise something was wrong. “If she had her ability to consent to sex taken away from her by the drug then having sex in these circumstances is rape.” Campbell, of Gerrards Cross, Bucks, insisted the sex was consensual and his partner had instigated it.

But a jury at Amersham Crown Court found him guilty of one count of rape and one count of administering a substance with intent to overpower or allow sexual activity. He will be sentenced on December 18, according to The Sun.

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