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Millions gather in Golamur Rahman remembrance ceremony

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The leading Islamic spiritual hub of Maizbhandar Darbar at the outskirts of the port city here today drew millions at the conclusion of a three-day commemoration ceremony for great Sufi saint Syed Golamur Rahman, coinciding with his 80th anniversary of physical demise, agencies report.

“He (Golamur Rahman) is that great spiritual figure who is regarded to have given the Maizbhandari sufi order a complete shape . . . he taught us the lesson of love for the human being as the means to gain the closeness of Allah,” incumbent imam of the darbar Syed Saifuddin Ahmed told the devotees at the ceremony.

Ahmed said the lack of humanity in human mind and deviation from the Islam’s golden principle of liberalism and pluralism as preached by Syed Golamur Rahman and his grand successor, another great Muslim saint of the recent past, Syed Moinuddin Ahmed, were causing unrest in social arena and individual’s life.

“The absolute allegiance to Allah and his Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) with selfless love and devotion and empathy for the human beings cutting across their nationality, religion, caste and creed as suggested by sufi saints like Syed Golamur Rahman over the centuries only could draw an end to the unrest in one’s mind and bring back social harmony,” he said ahead of the concluding prayers of the ceremony.

Ahmed said the perpetrators of violence were spreading hatred in the name of Islam, while the Islamic spiritual leaders of different Sufi orders preached for love and humanity and interfaith harmony according to the Quranic principles.  The three-day congregation was featured by Milad mahfils, zikrs, spiritual musical soirees and the concluding prayer.

A descendent of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Syed Ahmedullah established the Maizbhandar sufi order as a spiritual hub in early 19th century, with a pursuit of extracting Islam’s essence of fraternity and love and establish it in the cultural arena.

The order or Tariqa took a new look in terms of rituals and spiritual pursuit during the time of Syed Ahmedullah’s nephew, Syed Golamur Rahman, also known as Baba Bhandari in the last century.

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