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Baby girl was born with an unformed brain and bulging eyes Cover Asia Press

‘Miracle baby’ born with half a head amazes doctors by battling for life

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A BABY girl born without a developed head managed to survive, against the odds, for 48 hours, The Sun reports.  The tot, from northern India, was born with an unformed brain and shockingly protruding eyes and was dubbed a ‘miracle baby’ by locals – who flocked to the hospital to get a glimpse of her.

 Savita Rani, 32, from Uttar Pradesh has a natural birth but word of the girl’s shocking features soon spread.Dr Kusum Lata, 30, a gynaecologist at Sai Nursing Home, said it was a miracle mother and baby child had survived throughout the pregnancy.

He explained that the baby girl’s brain had not formed properly in the womb and her heart had kept her alive.  He said: “The baby’s eyes were so large that she was born with them already open because her head had not formed properly.

“She didn’t have normal movements like other babies when they are born – she wasn’t crying or moving.” Mum Savita, who has three healthy children, had a difficult labour and lost a lot of fluid and blood.  Sadly, just 48 hours after the birth, the baby died of heart failure.

Dr Lata said: “These complications occur due to incorrect and irregular eating habits of the mother during pregnancy.  “This is why we as doctors keep emphasising on regular check ups of the women during pregnancy so we can try to guide the mother and hope to avoid such birth abnormalities.”

Savita has now been discharged from hospital and is trying to come to terms with her loss.

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