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A friend said Raquel Santos was 'very concerned' about her looks Musa do Brasil

Model and mum-of-two dies after having fillers injected into her face to remove laughter lines

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A MODEL and mum-of-two had a heart attack and died after undergoing cosmetic surgery to remove laughter lines, according to The Sun.  Raquel Santos, a runner-up in one of Brazil’s biggest beauty pageants last month, was described by friends as a “slave to vanity” who put herself through “every aesthetic procedure imaginable”.

On Monday the 28-year-old from Sao Gonçalo, Rio de Janeiro, had fillers injected into her face, but shortly after the procedure she suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away.  The model, who left behind two sons aged seven and 13, was “obsessed” with cosmetic surgery according to best friend Debora Azevedo.

She told Brazil’s G1 website: “She was very concerned about her looks.  “She would go off and have procedures without telling her friends so we wouldn’t fight with her.  “She was terrified of dying during surgery.  “But she did it anyway, that was how much she was obsessed with looking good.

“And she did every aesthetic procedure imaginable, from artificial tans to lymphatic drainage.  “She was so vain. She worked out religiously, she was as addicted to working out as she was to plastic surgery.” Plastic surgeon Wagner Moraes, who conducted the simple two-minute procedure on Ms Santos, insisted ot  her health complications led to her death.

Police are now investigating whether her daily use of an illegal horse medicine called Potenay, which she used as a performance enhancer before workouts, may have been responsible.  The drug contains mefentermine, a cardio-respiratory stimulant which raises users’ blood pressure, and is increasingly popular in the country among bodybuilders to enhance muscle gain.

According to reports, police interrupted Ms Santos’ funeral yesterday and took her body away for further tests after claims her model’s death certificate was riddled with errors.  Ms Santos’ boyfriend Gilberto Azevedo said she was “fascinated” by the modelling industry and “always wanted more”.

He said: “I thought that she, ugly or beautiful, was fine as she was.  “But she always wanted more, unnecessarily.  “She smoked a lot and injected Potenay before going to the gym.

“She was a very happy person, friendly and full of dreams. All she ever wanted to do was become a model.”

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