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A mother alligator led her 16 babies through a golf course behind a Florida woman's home to move from one pond to another. Screen capture/WFLA

Mother alligator parades her babies into pond

WT24 Desk

A Florida woman witnessed a mother alligator guiding her babies from one pond to another in search of a new residence,UPI reports. Sharon Whiting of Charlotte County watched as the mama gator and her 16 babies made their way across a golf course behind her residence.

Whiting said the pond where the gator family previously lived had begun to dry up and speculated the mother was looking for a more suitable home.

“Mama gator started across the golf course to the other pond with babies following her,” she told WFLA. “She went back and forth all day until they were all in the big pond. It took her all day, because she had to move them between golfers.” Whiting shared a photo of the baby gators after they had successfully moved across the golf course into their new home.

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