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Mother alpaca chases down cougar to rescue baby

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The owners of a Washington state alpaca farm shared security camera footage of a mother alpaca saving its baby from a mountain lion, UPI reports.

Angela and Alan Rogers, owners of the Cedar Creek Alpaca farm in Bingen, said their surveillance cameras were recording when a cougar showed up at night and roused the herd of alpaca.

The video shows the mountain lion snatching a 15-pound baby alpaca, called a cria. The mother charges at the cougar, which drops the cria and flees.

“It looked she was trying to stop that cougar but then she chased him back and forth in that pen rather quickly,” Angela Rogers told KPTV.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife was informed of the sighting and searched the area for the big cat, but was unable to pick up its trail. The farm owners said the cria is recovering from its ordeal and has been named Lucky.

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