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TRANSFORMED: Caryle shed a whopping 5st in just five months. BEFORE AND AFTER: The 46-year-old says she feels healthier than when she was in her 20's and FIT: Her trainer Sas Sorchi changed her diet and got her doing a combo of seven different ex...

Mum shed 5st in five months by changing one thing

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A BUSY mum, who has gone from fat to fabulous in just a few months, reveals her diet and fitness secrets, Daily Star reports. At her heaviest, Caryle Walsh tipped the scales at 15.5st and was miserable with her flabby mum bod.Working with disabled adults and looking after two teenage boys, the mum-of-two convinced herself she was too busy to get fit.

But after getting professional help, the 46-year-old shed a whopping 5st in just five months and now squeezes into svelte size-8 jeans. “I achieved it without fad diets and crazy yo-yo behaviours and tried for once losing weight and getting fit the healthy way and it worked,” she said. “I think I am probably now fitter than in my whole life and healthier than most 25 year olds.” Before her miraculous transformation, Caryle would gorge on sweets and junk food and would finish off any leftovers her 15 and 17-year-old son’s left.

She said: “As most mums and teachers do I put myself last and everyone else first. “I wasn’t bothered about the food I was eating or the amount of calories, fat, sugar or salt that was included in my diet.” “Whatever I wanted I would eat. I would eat whilst I was cooking and the leftovers from dinner.”

But after seeing pictures of her bulging stomach on holiday in Turkey in 2014, she decided to make a change. “Looking back at the photos it horrified me that I had let myself go and looked the way I did,” said Caryle, from Kingsbury, London. “Reading and seeing everything in the news about people dying due to being overweight and unhealthy devastated me.

“I began to panic that this could actually be me if I was to continue with my bad eating habits,” she added.  “One day I thought ‘who will take care of all the people I care for if I have a stroke or develop an illness’?” With this in mind, the carer joined her local gym and started a health and fitness programme with personal trainer Sas Sorchi.

The trainer got Caryle doing a mixture of cardio, full body target sessions, weight training, pad training, kick boxing, heavy skipping and burpees. “It was torture, every training session was blood and sweat and tears and I was burning more calories then I was taking in,” she said. Sas also changed her diet and had her on a low-calorie low-fat, moderate-carb meal plan, to ensure that she was burning off more calories than she was consuming.

Her personal trainer said: “In order to lose weight it is important that the your body is in a calorie deficit everyday. “This way the body will have no option but to lose weight – but lose weight healthily. “This was the goal with Caryle. At 100kgs she had to work hard, eat clean and train smart and intense.”  Caryle has now lost a staggering 5st in just five months and her body fat percentage has dropped from 48% to just 18%.

“I could not have done this without my personal trainer. It was the best investment I ever made. I will live till I am 125, he assures me,” said Caryle. “Lastly, but most importantly, I bought a pair of size 8 jeans and never felt so proud. I had a huge smile on m face.”


Breakfast: Toast with butter, sausages and bacon

Lunch: Pasta with cheese and sauce.

Snacks: Coffee with biscuits, chocolates and crisps

Supper: Steak, potatoes and veg

Before bed: Tub of ice cream and a glass of wine


Breakfast: Porridge with berries, nuts and seeds

Scoop of diet whey protein

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Lunch: Skinless fish and salad

Serving of Thermoxen and Sculpt by LA Muscle

Snack: Low-fat yogurt

Supper: Lean chicken and fresh vegetables

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