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Everest winner Musa Ibrahim (File photo)

Musa Ibrahim stranded during Indonesian mountain climb

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Musa Ibrahim, the first Everest winner of Bangladesh, and some of his co-mountaineers stranded at the base camp while climbing Mount Carstensz Pyramid, the highest mountain in the continent of Oceania (Papua New Guinea, Indonesia), due to adverse weather, Agencies report.

However, a helicopter has been set in Timika city of Papua, to rescue Musa and the mates.

The helicopter will fly to rescue them once the weather returns normal, said Bangladesh State minister for foreign affairs Mohammad Shahriar Alam, in a Facebook post early Sunday (June 18).

The status reads, “I have reached Musa through contacting with an Indian mountaineer of the team through his satellite connection. They have been stranded there over four days. They have also run out of food. Our (Bangladesh) embassy in Indonesia informed me sometimes back that a helicopter is ready in Timika to rescue them.”

The rescue operation will launch once the weather returns normal, said the status.

“ASEAN (The Association of Southeast Asian Nations), Bangladesh and Indian embassies in Indonesia are supervising the matter carefully. Keep them in dua”, it reads.

However, two other Indian mountaineers in the team were named Satyarup Siddhant and Nandita Chandrashekhar.

Musa’s latest Facebook post reads that he started Mt Carstenzs Pyramid expedition on June 6, as part of the Seven Summit campaign.

However, Nilasagar Group of Bangladesh is sponsoring the campaign titled ‘Nilasagar Group Mount Carstensz Pyramid Expedition’. The campaign has been organized by Everest Academy and North Alpine Club Bangladesh.

BDST: 0936 HRS, JUN 18, 2017

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