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Celia Shroder weighed 27 stone at her heaviest. Following the surgery Celia Shroder was left with over a foot and a half of loose skin and she has now had surgery to remove the excess skin and finally feels happy with her body

‘MY EXCESS SKIN LOOKED LIKE A BURNING CANDLE‘ Obese mum who lost 16st has a foot and a half of skin cut away – and feels happy with her body for the first time ever

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A MOTHER, who was dogged by bullies, described her excess skin as like a “melting candle” went under the knife to achieve her dream body after a 16 stone weight loss, The Sun reports.  Celia Shroder, 32, from Colorado, USA, opted for the tummy tuck when she was left with over a foot and a half of loose skin following weight loss surgery.

She previously weighed in at 27 stone and had been the victim of vicious bullies since her youth because of her weight, she was called “fat ass” and ridiculed for needed adult size outfits at 11 years old.

Celia tried many times to loose the weight through dieting but eventually decided to have gastric bypass surgery five years ago, worried that her daughter would be tormented by bullies for having an overweight mother.

After shedding a dramatic 16 stone she was left with a large amount of sagging skin which she described as looking like a “melting candle”. Fed up with the excess skin, Celia decided to have surgery to remove the flab and three months ago the success operation left her finally happy with her body for the first time in her life.

The mum-of-four, who is now 11st 4lbs, said: “My excess skin looked like a melted candle, it was as if the skin was dripping down my body. “I wanted to feel good about how much weight I’d lost, but because of the skin I hated how I looked. “It was so bad that I had to buy clothing two sizes bigger so that I could fit all of my excess skin in.

“The extra skin caused problem for me when exercising, I had constant infections and rashes, it all made me feel miserable. “Before I used to have to skin folds hanging from my stomach, but now that it has been reduced I feel a lot happier. “My self-perception is much better. It’s helped my confidence and now I finally feel comfortable in my own body.

“Now when I look at myself in the mirror I like what I see for the first time in my life. “Before I would avoid mirrors at all costs, I’d never like to look at myself, now I’m the opposite and feel great.” Celia explained that he weight gain was the result of emotional eating during her childhood, coupled with constant bullying.

She added: “I’ve been overweight my entire life, I started wearing clothing meant for women before I was in my teens and it only got worse when I hit adulthood. “I was bullied for my weight all throughout my school days, there was a lot of name calling.

“One of my saddest moments was when I was cycling on my bike in 8th grade, some kids sailed past in a car and yelled ‘fat ass’ at me from the window. “Because of that I didn’t feel I could ride my bike anymore and deliberately left it unlocked outside so that it would be stolen.

Celia’s diet before and after the weight loss


Breakfast – three bowls of chocolate coated cereal with milk

Snacks – candy, cake and cookies

Lunch – ham, turkey and cheese sandwiches and crisps

Dinner – super-sized McDonald’s double quarter-pounder meal with coke

Dessert – cheesecake or crisps


Breakfast – protein shake and toast

Lunch – cheese and deli meat with crackers

Dinner – grilled chicken, broccoli and green beans=

“Then in adulthood, people would look at me in disgust when I was out in public. “Once at a fast food restaurant, the server asked me if I had ‘finished ordering the whole menu,’ which was horrible.” Celia made a number of failed attempts at loosing weight, trying virtually ever diet under the sun including low carb, Atkins, Slim Fast as well as exercise DVDs and diet supplements.

In 2011, she decided that it was time to take action and booked herself into the weight loss surgery so that her daughter wouldn’t be victimised for having an obese mum. She said: “The fear that one day my little girl could come home from school crying because some bully told her that she had a ‘fat mom’ killed me inside and prompted me to take action.

“Since having the surgery, my perception of food has been completely different. “Cheesecake was my favourite dessert but now I can’t eat it, even fast food like McDonalds and Burger King taste bad to me.” Following the dramatic weight loss, Celia was unhappy with her body due to the excess skin she was carrying.

She went under the knife for a second time in September and now is finally proud of body after the 16-stone weight loss. Celia added: “I look so different now that people don’t recognise me anymore, they’re shocked at how much I’ve transformed.

“It feels surreal, it’s something I’ve thought about my entire life and now it’s a reality.”

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