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Jeannie Hargave was just five days old when she underwent her first major surgery, but now she's a model who hopes to inspire others Caters News

‘My scar is NOT a flaw’: Model shows off huge jagged line left by third open heart surgery

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A BRAVE teen model shows off her heart surgery scars with pride, hoping to inspire others to embrace their flaws, according to The Sun.  After suffering a cardiac arrest at birth, Jeannie Hargrave was forced to face her first major op when she was just five days old. Courageous Jeannie, 19, has since had to undertake three serious procedures on her heart, which have left her with red markings down the front of her chest.

 It’s been difficult for Jeannie to live the life of a normal teen, as she battles with reduced oxygen to the brain and severe depression. She revealed: “Growing up, I always had certain limitations. “In school breaks I would run around with the other kids, but it never lasted long and I would end up sitting on a bench with the teachers watching the other children.”

Overcoming her difficult condition, the Los Angeles teen decided to pursue a career in modelling, working alongside major brands including L’Oreal. Jeannie has also been cast as an extra in a new Hollywood comedy, Showing Roots, which is set for release later this year.

Even though she has lived with a visible scar for her entire life, she’s never let it hold her back.  She explained: “It always meant more to me that I was alive and if someone was uncomfortable seeing my scar that says more about them than it does about me.”  Now Jeannie is hoping to inspire others to have a positive body image and accept themselves for who they are.

She said: “Since my heart attack, I’ve tried to get more into modelling to prove a scar is not a flaw.”  Through her teen years, Jeannie has had multiple surgeries, including one that replaced her heart valve.  This has allowed her to breathe more easily, focus on her career and even take up dancing.

Despite successful surgery, brave Jeannie will be living with her heart condition for the rest of her life.  She explained: “There are many times throughout the day that I get tired.  “I also get frequent migraines, and that definitely puts extra strain on my day.”

Despite this, her struggle is a glowing testament to her strength.  She said: “I hope to inspire girls that a flaw you may see is a beauty to someone else.”

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