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Lord Shiv

Mystic Mantra: Shiv, shakti and sadhana


It is said that in the abode of Shiv everybody is welcome — bhoot, pret, pisach, yaksh, kinnar, manav, dev, daanav. Shiv does not discriminate between positive and negative; both are a part of Shiv, essential to maintain the balance of creation. The reason why someone is closer or further away is because of their shakti, which is accumulated through sadhna and seva under the sannidhya of one’s guru. If there is “guru kripa”, the being’s ego dissolves and s/he merges into Shiv.

In the absence of a guru, the ego increases exponentially as one’s siddhis/shaktis increase and, blinded by ego and desire, the person drifts apart even after accessing Shiv. Let me explain this with the story of Bhasmasur.
Bhasmasur performed intense tapa and sadhna for many years to please Shiv. So much heat and attraction was generated by his penance that it started creating an imbalance in creation and Shiv was compelled to come to him.

Bhasmasur wanted to be the most powerful being in the creation and requested the lord to grant him a boon — that whoever’s head he puts his hand on, is reduced to ashes. “Tathastu,” replied Lord Shiv and granted him the boon. Bhasmasur’s penance ended, he traded his entitlement for the boon and the balance in creation was restored.

With this Bhasmasur’s ego knew no bounds. He thought to himself that with his new-found siddhi he could reduce anyone to ashes… including the lord of the three worlds himself. With malice, he expressed the desire to test his boon. The omniscient lord knew what was to come next but waited for Bhasmasur to finish. “Since there is no one else in the vicinity on whom I can test my powers.

Oh Lord! I would want to test them on you,” said Bhasmasur. With this he sprang towards Lord Shiv with his hand raised. Lord Shiv knew the potency of his boon and also the consequences if Bhasmasur succeeds in his ways. He hurried towards Lord Vishnu’s abode and requested him to intervene.

Lord Vishnu then took the form of the enchanting Mohini and appeared before Bhasmasur. Bhasmasur was swept away by her beauty and unable to resist her attraction, requested the goddess to be his wife. Mohini, the epitome of Vishnu’s maya, told Bhasmasur that she would marry him if he could match her in her dance moves.

Bhasmasur was blinded by desire and forgot all about the boon and about chasing Shiv and started dancing to the moves of Mohini. Mohini, seeing her plan work, tricked Bhasmasur to perform a move where he had to touch his head… Thus ended the most powerful being on earth who with his shakti had compelled Shiv to come to him and acquired the power to reduce the Lord himself to ashes. Sadhnas prescribed in scriptures are very powerful and potent. All forms of siddhis bestow the practitioner with potent powers.

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