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Mystic Meg: What do the stars have in store for you on Tuesday, May 17th?

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ARIES March 21–April 20

A fresh start for friendships that have been tested could be good for all involved, so don’t let outdated pride get in the way. You make progress in the working world by focusing on ideas that have a future and jettisoning impractical ones.

 Love has a dreams-come-true quality and partners make exciting plans.

TAURUS April 21–May 21

Clever planet Mercury and the sun meet in your sign so your mind is sharp and your energy high. You can make the right decisions and turn them into action. Love can fulfil its true potential when partners choose commitment instead of keeping their options open.

Single? Your new love is a talented chef.

GEMINI May 22–June 21

It’s important to take a shared task seriously. If you do, it can lead to the kind of success that transforms your future.  It’s when you accept there is more to learn about a partner that you give the relationship its best chance.

If you are free to meet someone new, an intriguing Aquarius may be The One.

CANCER June 22–July 22

Saturn, the strongest of the planets, focuses on your job chart and you are ready to invest in your future by using your spare time to learn an extra skill. A partnership is ready to break free from too much routine and you lead the way.

If single, you may think a friend’s match-making plan is ridiculous – until it works.

LEO July 23–August 23

You are at the heart of the action, with creative ideas and a way of talking about them that captures people’s imagination – as well as helping you earn more. A love relationship that gets stronger with time rather than fizzling out may not sound exciting but it will be.

An unexpected sports result thrills the family.
VIRGO August 24–September 22

Your words are calm and your attitude friendly but with Saturn deep in the foundations of your chart, your willpower has never been stronger. When you fix your mind on a project, you can’t be stopped. The past can be a useful lesson but should not stop you believing in relationships.

Single? The initial D is a hot clue.

LIBRA September 23–October 23

Venus is switched on in your soul-mating zone, helping you be sure of your feelings and those of a partner. Romantic plans can be made. If you are single, a newcomer whose first words make you smile has passion potential.

At work, your ideas are bolder and you can put them into clear words that impress.

SCORPIO October 24–November 22

You may not believe in whirlwind romance but it’s just the sort of day when it could happen to you. Already in love? A renewal of promises is sincere and does make a difference. Strict planet Saturn in your finance chart motivates you to earn more and save money.

Luck visits a house with unusual windows.

SAGITTARIUS November 23–December 21

Saturn keeps you strong and the moon gives you a helping of charm so you can make progress with the plans that matter and get along with anyone. If single, someone very unexpected starts to flirt with you and you need time to think it through. Luck will call your name in an Australian accent.
CAPRICORN December 22–January 20

You can see that giving someone a chance to explain helps you sort out your own feelings. Work-wise, you can achieve much more now that your belief in your own talents gets stronger. There is success to share with a quiet but talented colleague.

Single? A Taurus with a great singing voice could be special.

AQUARIUS January 21–February 18

Venus keeps your emotions calm, so you can explain your plans to the family and get a positive reaction. If you’re single, what seems like a casual friendship could turn into a romance with the trust and mutual understanding that can be difficult to find.

Luck sees partners winning a prize together.

PISCES February 20-March 20

Yours is the voice of reason at work. You solve problems and create a co-operative mood – and there could be a profitable result for you. But later on the moon visits the most passionate part of your chart and you could fall madly in love.

Luck connects relatives who live in three different cities.

Source: The Sun

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