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Narayanganj Jail plagued with ‘shocking irregularities’

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Narayanganj Jail has turned into a hub of corruption, irregularities and illegal trade for long under the nose of law enforcement agencies,UNB reports. The jail officials are alleged of taking bribes and getting involved in illicit businesses, including selling beds, stealing foods allotted by the government, taking extra charge for the goods.

They are also alleged of selling substandard medicines and taking money from the jail inmates in different ways. During a recent visit to the jail, this UNB correspondent found out that some dishonest jail officials allot each ward on lease illegally, and some others are involved in illegal trading.

There are 20 lock-ups for jail inmates, one tower, one cell and a 24-bed hospital in the jail. Though there is a capacity to accommodate 700 inmates, the jail is now having about 1,500 inmates.

An amount of Tk 2,000-6,000 is reportedly collected as rent from each of the 1,000 jail inmates and if anyone wants to book a seat at the jail hospital, he or she has to pay Tk 10,000 for it.

Those who cannot afford the money for the facilities are passing their days in miserable condition in the prison. Not only that, the jail authorities have also compelled people to consume substandard medicines and foods from the canteen inside the jail, but the prices are also very high, alleged the jail inmates.

Meanwhile, some dishonest officials charge Tk 100 three times a day from the accused who have secured the bail. According to the jail code, a prisoner can be put under iron rod and chain for violating the jail code, but the jail authorities have unleashed various other inhuman tortures upon them.

If any jail inmate dares to complain to the jail authorities, he or she has to undergo unbearable torture. Contacted, Jail Super Halima Khatun denied the allegation and said if anyone can prove the allegations, legal action will be taken against the culprits.

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