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Narendra Modi attacks Sonia-Rahul in Amethi, bats for ‘sister’ Smriti Irani

  • Modi signs off with chants of Vande Matram.
  • I have come here to ask/beg not loot. You have given Congress sixty years, give me sixty months, says Modi. I have taken the blessings of the people, he adds.
  • Congress leaders say that if Rahul loses he can sit in the Opposition, but what will happen to Modi if he loses? I tell them, I will go back to selling tea – Modi.
  • Why is the Congress not giving answers regarding price rise and unemployment? I ask the people of Amethi — did you get employment? I feel hurt at the fact that this country is being looted. I will not let this happen – Modi.
  • Now let us talk about Rahul. He humiliated the PM and tore the Ordinance passed by the Cabinet in full public glare when Manmohan Singh was in the US. This is also politics of anger – Modi.
  • When former PM Narasimha Rao died, then Madam Sonia refused to let his last rites happen in Delhi. She did not even let his body be kept in Congress headquarters. Is this not politics of anger?, Modi asks again.
  • And Sonia had humiliated Sitaram Kesri. He belonged to a backward class like me. He was thrown out on the roads. The media has a record of this. Now tell me who does politics of anger, asks Modi.
  • They say that I do politics of anger. They also say Rahul is walking on the path of Rajiv Gandhi. Yes, its true he is. Once Rajiv insulted the CM of Andhra Pradesh. Is this not the politics of anger? – Modi.
  • Rahul cannot claim that the state government did not work. He should show letters written by Rahul to UP govt. Take it in writing — in 2019 I will again come to Amethi and present my account of work done by us – Modi.
  • Modi takes a dig at Rahul, says he wasted ten years in Amethi.
  • The Congress has fooled the people for 40 years. The media saved the Gandhi family from being exposed. But Smriti Irani has exposed them all. It’s good that the people have now started asking them questions – Modi.
  • The people of this country have awaken. Now it’s upto the Election Commission to see that fair election is held in Amethi – Modi.
  • The Congress cannot digest the fact that a tea-seller can become the PM of India and challenge them. They have looted and destroyed the country. Time has come when the poor will rise and occupy the top positions of the country – Modi.
  • Madam Sonia said that Modi is thinking that he has already become the PM. I can understand her worry. She wanted her son to settle down well. I can understand her pain. However, all I can hope is that what she has said about me comes true – Modi.
  • They say that Modi keeps asking (for votes). I say today too – Ye dil maange more. And Madam Sonia, people like you have left us poor people no option but to ask (for votes). At least we do not loot. Person who ask for things are better than those that loot – Modi.
  • Initially, the mother-son duo did not take my name. They thought that I was a small person. But now that the whole country is taking my name, they were forced to take my name – Modi.
  • The Congress asked as to who is Smriti Irani. In a democracy, the elite have no right to ask these questions. But when ego is big then they ask such questions. I’ll tell you who she is, she is my younger sister. She has come here to be your saviour – Modi.
  • I will create an Amethi which will become a case study for universities of the world – Modi.
  • I have come here to reduce your pain. I have come to Amethi to make your dreams come true. Your dreams are my dreams – Modi.
  • I did not send Irani to trouble anyone, I sent her to Amethi to reduce the trouble of this district. She has done a great job in Gujarat as a Rajya Sabha MP and if elected she will do a great job here too – Modi.
  • When we sent Irani to Amethi people must have thought that she is a TV actress and she would no nothing but that has been proven wrong – Modi.
  • My research found that Amethi is the worst developed district. I will change this in seven months – Modi.
  • Modi gives the example of how girls in Gujarat dropped out of school because there were no toilets and how he rectified it. He promises that he will ensure that toilets are built for women in Amethi and elsewhere if BJP comes to power.
  • Now it is up to you to give a strong govt to the country. Vote for BJP in Amethi – Modi.
  • The voting that has taken place till now has proved that the government of mother-son (Sonia-Rahul) cannot be saved – Modi.
  • This election will surprise everyone. The mood in Amethi today reflects the mood of the nation – Modi.
  • Modi addresses the crowd, calls Irani his younger sister.
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  • There are no employment opportunities in Amethi – Irani.
  • This time Amethi is ready, ab Ki Baar Modi Sarkar – Irani.
  • I ask the people of Amethi to vote for the BJP – Irani.
  • This is a historic election – Irani.
  • Irani questions as to why there was lack of basic infrastructure and water and electricity in Amethi.
  • Today Amethi has become ‘Modimay’ – Irani.
  • Irani addresses the crowd.
  • Modi arrives on the dais. He is accompanied by Irani and other BJP leaders.
  • Irani takes blessings from Modi as soon as he arrives on the stage.
  • Narendra Modi reaches Amethi. Will address rally shortly.
  • Gujarat Chief Minister and BJP’s prime ministerial candidate will address a rally in Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi’s constituency on Monday. While doing so he will break an unwritten code between political parties of not campaigning on rival’s turf.
  • Taking on Rahul is BJP’s Smriti Irani and AAP’s Kumar Vishwas.
  • Rally will be held in Gaurigaon.

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