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NEC set to approve ADP for FY16 tomorrow

The National Economic Council (NEC) is set to approve the Annual Development Programme (ADP) for the financial year 2015-16 tomorrow aiming to ensure balanced development and high growth of Bangladesh, reports BSS.  The Planning Commission (PC) has already finalized the ADP proposal of Taka 92,500 crore prioritizing transport, power, physical infrastructure and education sectors for the financial year.

In the proposed ADP, projects under 17 main sectors have been allocated Taka 89,760 crore or 97.04 per cent while Taka 2739 crore or 2.96 per cent has been given to 10 development assistance sectors. In addition, the autonomous organizations or corporations would disburse Taka 3996.92 crore from own their sources. The ADP size would be Taka 96,496 crore if the fund of the autonomous organizations or corporations is calculated in combine.

The new ADP size is Taka 12,185 crore or 15.17 per cent more than the ADP size of Taka 80,315 crore originally fixed for the current financial year and Taka 17,500 crore or 23.33 per cent more than the revised ADP allocation for 2014-15, said an official of the Planning Commission (PC). The official said the government would provide Taka 58,000 crore or 62 per cent of the main allocation from the national exchequer to the proposed ADP while Taka 34,500 crore or 37 per cent would come from project assistance.

In the next ADP, a total of 125 projects would be implemented by the autonomous organizations or corporations with their own financing. The PC has proposed allocation of Taka 3996.92 crore which was Taka 5,685 crore in the current fiscal. The PC has started to incorporate the development agenda of the autonomous organizations from FY 13. The proposal will be tabled before the NEC meeting likely to be presided over by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina tomorrow for final approval.

Planning Commission sources said nearly 994 development projects would be incorporated in the new ADP while the autonomous organizations would implement 125 projects with their own financing and those are also incorporated in the ADP. Of the total projects, 954 projects will be carried over from the previous year. In addition, 834 unapproved projects without allocation have been incorporated in the green page of the upcoming ADP.

Officials said the Planning Commission recommended the highest allocation for the transport sector prioritizing the construction of the Padma Bridge and new roads, development of railway and repair of existing roads in the country.  The transport sector has been given a total of Taka 20,235 crore or 21.88 per cent of the total ADP while the power sector has been given the second highest allocation, Taka 15,485 crore or 16.74 per cent of the total allocation.

On the other hand, physical infrastructure, water supply and housing sectors have been given Taka 10,458 crore or 11.31 per cent. Rural development and rural institutions under local government have been allocated Taka 8,433 crore or 9.12 per cent while Taka 10,039 crore or 10.85 per cent for education and religious sectors, Taka 4,690 crore or 5.07 per cent for agriculture sector and Taka 6,081 crore or 6.57 per cent for health, nutrition, population and family welfare sectors.

In the ADP, the PC has proposed Taka 2,161 crore for information and communication technology sector to materialize the vision of “Digital Bangladesh”. In the proposed ADP, a total of 40 projects have been incorporated under Public Private Partnership (PPP).

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