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Sheikh Hasina

No longer any quota in public service: PM

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Prime minister Sheikh Hasina on Wednesday announced that there will be no quota system in the public services from now on, News Agency reports.

In a statement in parliament, she also asked the agitating students and job-seekng youths to go back to classes, stopping the demonstration at campuses across the country.

“Since no one wants the quota, I think, there should be no quota,” Sheikh Hasina said in reply to a supplementary question from Awami League member of parliament Jahangir Kabir Nanak.

The prime minister condemned the vandalism at the Dhaka University vice chancellor’s residence and criticised the students for the protests despite assurance from the government to scrutinise the quota system in public services.

“I was shocked to see the demonstration chanting slogan ‘we don’t want quota’, ‘we want reform in quota’,” she said.

In reference to the participation of the girl students in the protests she apparently reluctantly said, “Okay, we’ve no problem; as you don’t want any quota, we will recruit all based on merit.”

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