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No polls boycott, no matter what: Afroza

Afroza Abbas, wife of BNP-backed Dhaka South City Corporation (DSCC) polls BNP-backed mayoral contender Mirza Abbas, on Thursday said they will not boycott the election under any circumstance bowing down to oppression and attacks on their leaders and activists, UNB reports. “Ruling party men are attacking Khaleda Zia and our campaigners getting upset seeing our huge popularity. We’re not sacred following the attacks. We won’t retreat from polls under any circumstances and will move forward,” she said.

Afroza, who has been carrying out electioneering in favour of her husband since April 9 as Abbas is facing many criminal cases, came up with the remarks while talking to reporters near Holy Family Hospital in the city’s Eskaton area. She alleged they are being obstructed at every step in conducting their electioneering. “We’re not allowed to properly distribute leaflets and paste posters. We paste posters in the morning and find those vanished in the evening. So, I think a level-playing field is yet to be created.”

Abbas’ wife, however, said they have realised after visiting the election areas that they are in very strong position. “A silent revolution will take place if law enforcers play a silent role.” About the ruling party leaders’ allegation that BNP may boycott city polls, she said, “I want to tell people don’t pay heed to rumours.”

Afroza expressed dissatisfaction over the Election Commission’s decision of keeping army as a reserve force inside the cantonment during elections to the three city corporations in Dhaka and Chittagong. She alleged that the commission is playing a game over deployment of army in the polls. “They’ve earlier said the army will be deployed as a striking force. They’re now telling army will stay in barracks as a reserved force.”

Afroza urged the Commission to deploy army with magistracy power for ensuring the fair election. She later conducted electioneering in Dhaka University, Dhaka Medical and Buet areas seeking votes for her husband. During her campaign in the DU area, Afroza met Dhaka University Vice Chancellor Dr ASM Arefin Siddique’s office around 11:30am.

The VC welcomed Afroza and enquired about her electioneering. “I went to the area to carry out campaign and took the chance to meet you. I want your cooperation and vote as well,” she requested the VC.

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