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No progress yet in execution of quota repeal

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There have been no further progress on the cancellation of the quota system in public services till Sunday night, after the prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s announcement regarding annulment of the quota system, Agencies report.

A senior official of the public administration ministry on Sunday told this correspondent that the ministry had not received any directives as yet in this regard.

After the announcement of repealing the quota system, the PM also planned to form a committee to ensure jobs for the members of ethnic communities and the differently-abled.

There were no developments in this regard either, the ministry officials added.

Following all-out agitation of jobseekers and students across the country on 12 April, prime minister Sheikh Hasina in a statement in parliament announced that there would no longer be any quota system in public service.

“Since no one wants the quota, I think there should be no quota,” Sheikh Hasina said in reply to a supplementary question from Awami League member of parliament Jahangir Kabir Nanak.

Another public administration ministry official said it would not create any problem as there are no recruitment tests at the moment.

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