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Authorities struggle with an 11-foot alligator found in the bushes behind a North Carolina business. Screenshot: WECT-TV

North Carolina business owner finds 11-foot gator in the bushes

WT24 Desk

A North Carolina business owner arriving for work said he went to investigate a rusting sound and discovered an 11-foot alligator hiding in the bushes, UPI reports.

George Murray, owner of Murray Signs and Graphics in Leland’s Brunswick Forest shopping center, said he arrived at the business Friday morning with employees Edward Jones and Brent Bunn.

The men heard a rustling sound in some shrubs behind the store and went to investigate, discovering an 11-foot alligator in the bushes.

Murray contacted 911 and alerted Brunswick County Animal Control. Officers soon arrived on the scene to capture the alligator, which appeared to be missing one of its front legs.

Murray said the Animal Control officers told him the gator would be relocated to a nearby river.

Warmer weather as led to an increase in alligator incidents in North Carolina, with a 10-foot gator being caught on camera last week holding up traffic by slowly crossing a busy road in Wallace.

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