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Parents could face a hefty fine for dropping kids off at school gates Alamy

Parents face £100 fines if they drop children at school gate: Teachers acting as traffic wardens to hand out tickets

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PARENTS face being handed a £100 fine by teachers acting as traffic wardens if they drop their kids off at the school gate, The Sun reports.  If caught three times, mums and dads could even face a court case and criminal record for breaking the rules. New anti-social behaviour powers allow staff to hand out penalties in a council crackdown on preventing kids from dangerous driving by parents.

 Teachers in Havering, East London, are the first to try out the new powers – which intend to stop anti-social behaviour such as spitting and aggressive begging, as well as outlawing activity that has a “detrimental effect” on local life. CCTV will be installed outside six primary schools in the area – leading to hefty fines for parents stopping on school lines.

Critics have hit out at the “disproportionate” powers, with Josie Appleton, of the Manifesto Club, which campagins against over-regulation, saying: “These are scarily blank-cheque powers which allow councils to invent crimes about anything they judge annoying or antisocial.  “The result is to criminalise the innocent and waste police time and distract police from genuine criminal offences.”

But school officials praised the scheme, with Una Connolly, head of Wykenham Primary School in Romford, saying: “There have been a number of serious incidents involving dangerous driving by parents.  “The only way we’re going to stop these parents, and it’s only a small minority, is by prosecution.

“The traffic warden was here on Friday, and nobody takes any notice because they don’t really have powers to do anything.”  Other councils are expected to follow Havering’s lead by taking advantage of the powers.  Local councillor Robert Benham said: “This is not about money this is about safety and changing driving behaviours.

“Last year we issued 1200 parking tickets around schools but with these new measures we hope this is going to drive down penalties and change behaviour and improve safety around schools.”

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