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The applications are hidden in plain sight and look like normal applications till you put the code to unlock them. (Photo: Pixabay)

Partners hide their infidelity through mobile apps now

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People have previously used different ways to find if their partners are cheating on them through emails and texts but that is soon changing. Partners have now found mobile applications that help them hide their infidelity. These apps hide in plain sight but are yet unknown to the suspicious partner.

According to a report in the Independent, people are using different applications to hide their mistresses and men who they are cheating on their partners with. Private photo is an app that looks like a calculator but when the right code is entered reveals a photo app to hide all the photos. Tiger Text is another app that helps people hide text from their mistresses or cancel the call by saying ‘out of service’. Nosy Trap on the other hand is an interesting application that lets you monitor your phone while it is left unattended by clicking a photo of the person checking your phone. Fox Private Message is an app that helps you delete all messages from your mistress by shaking the phone; the disguised app also receives all messages from a private contact on it.

Interestingly, all these applications were created for business purposes but users have found various ways to use them for their cheating purposes.

Source: The Deccan Chronicle

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