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‘People are shocked that I’m 50’: Downtrodden mum-of-five spent £70K on cosmetic surgery and claims she now passes for a 25-year-old

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A MOTHER-OF-FIVE who is so addicted to plastic surgery she’s forked out over £70,000 on procedures is proud people are often so shocked to hear she’s 50 they ask for proof of her age, The Sun reports.  Sharon Jones, 50, has splashed out the staggering sum over the last 14 years, undergoing Botox jabs, teeth cleaning, lip injections and facial peels.

She is thrilled her appearance causes such a stir, admitting even people she’s known for most of her life don’t recognise her anymore. “It shocks most people I am a mum of five. I am barely recognisable from the woman I was 10 years ago,” she said.

“The dumpy bobbed hair mum has been replaced with Va Va Voom. People see me they think I am 30 and when I tell them I am the big 50 they ask to see my licence. But thanks to my addiction to cosmetic surgery and looking fabulous I almost have the body I want and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“I’m determined to turn back the clock and am proud I can pass myself off for someone half my age.  “I mean many old friends walk straight past me in the street because the Sharon of 10 years ago has gone replaced with someone who is plastic and fantastic and not ashamed to admit it.”

Sharon’s aim has been to make her 50s the best decade of her life, and she believes she now looks better than she did in her 20s. “Yes I am an addict but it’s a good addict – I want to look beautiful and inspire other women,” she said.  “I don’t have a man and I go without meals and new outfits to ensure I have my fillers and Botox – I even trust myself to people who are learning the cosmetic trade to get super discounts.”

As well as having the procedures, the mother has made it her mission to live life to the full.  “I have even done things on my bucket list – dated toy boys and at 48 worked during the day talking on an adult TV channel – no nudity though – proving that guys thought I was years younger than I was,” she explained. “The money I earnt went straight into procedures. I figure you only live once and I had to see what it was like. I’d wear low cut tops and it made me feel sexy. I’ve stopped doing that and party with 20 year olds.”

She also hit the runway at the Sexibition show in Manchester, donning a skin-tight latex outfit for the occasion.  Sharon began changing her appearance when she was 37, revealing she “gets a little high” when she plans a new procedure.  “The thought of missing a treatment fills me with dread. I’ll go without so I can ensure I get my cosmetic surgery fix,” she said.

“To be told you look like a 20 or 30-something when you are about to hit the big 50 is nothing short of a miracle especially after raising five kids.”  That said, she is pleased she waited until her 30s to start treatments and can’t understand women in their 20s who have jabs.  Sharon was a size 18 following the birth of her last child and struggled to lose weight.

After she was diagnosed with a thyroid issue and began taking medication, the pounds melted away and she was soon a trim size 8. She then started the procedures, and now estimates she’s had “well over half a litre” of Botox and fillers pumped into her – Sharon says her relationship with her Botox practitioner is like a marriage. “Some people hit the gym, others have decided to age old gracefully – me well I am choosing the filler, Botox and surgery option and it works for me,” she said.

“I know some people will think it ridiculous but when I look back over my old photos and see me now at 50 I wouldn’t change a thing. I don’t criticise people for their ageing choices so don’t criticise me.  “I know it sounds a lot and when I sat down and added it up I have spent around £35,000 on teeth whitening, facials, fillers, lip fillers, Botox, facial peels and tans. Add to that cyro lipo, lypo laser hair extensions and makeup and since I started on creating the new me I have spent close to £70,000.”

This works out to around £5,000 annually, which Sharon calls “cheap ‘me’ maintenance”.  She did a lot of research before deciding to take the initial plunge, and she never expected it to change her life quite so dramatically.  “It also started around the time my long term relationship to my children’s father was failing,” she admitted. “Botox and fillers and plastic surgery filled the void – they have always been there when men have not.

“I looked in the mirror and decided I was going to ditch the frumpy mum look and replace it with a sexy glamour girl. Raising kids and looking after my former partner had left no time for me. I wanted a new look – a slimmer face, bigger lips, higher cheek bones, tiny waist, a proper gap between my thighs and cleavage to impress.”

After splashing out £400 on her first treatment, Sharon was instantly hooked. This was compounded when compliments about her appearance began flooding in, and she now has roughly one procedure a month.  “Over the years the fillers and Botox have re-trained the muscles in my face,” she added.  “It’s changed the look and shape of my face and my skinny lips are between three to four times their original sizes. They were super small now I have a pout to be proud off.”

Sharon’s also had cryo lip, which permanently destroys fat cells and was used to give her a thigh gap and slim her waist. A laser has been used to get rid of fat on her thighs.  Although the mother’s treatments have always meant a lot to her, they helped her through a particularly hard time last year. She had a hysterectomy in July and her partner of over six years left her just a week later.

Rather than wallowing in self pity, Sharon headed to a clinic for some filler and Botox.  Despite being proud of her transformation from “boring down trodden mummy to a sex bomb at 50”, Sharon – whose children tell her she shouldn’t have surgery – isn’t completely happy with her look. She doesn’t like the way her stomach looks after having five children, and after being told there is nothing the NHS can do for her she’s vowed to use her sexy new image to make enough money for surgery.

“I have been left with a fat sausage of skin which I often bind to [my] stomach showing I am so depressed about it,” she said. “I went and saw my GP who told me I was ‘too old’ for a tummy tuck and that being a size 8 I didn’t need it.

“The trouble is I do need it. My GP’s idea of beauty and what may cause body dysmorphia is different to mine. I have paid taxes raised kids and seen 18 year olds get free surgery. I am outraged. I’ve spent tens of thousands to turn myself into a new women the least the NHS can do is help out.”

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