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An Etihad aircraft (File)

Pilot aborts flight to help grief-stricken couple

WT24 Desk

An Etihad pilot aborted a long-haul flight from the UK to Australia so a grief-stricken couple could disembark and rush to be with their dying grandson. The pilot decided to abort the flight just as it was about to take off.

While, under normal circumstances, this decision would anger a plane full of passengers, the pilot has received nothing but praise for his caring move.

The couple was about to fly from Manchester, in the UK, to Australia. Their grandson was sick in hospital and they had a feeling something was going to go very wrong so had kept their phones on even after they’d boarded.

Once on the plane, a text from their son-in-law let them know their grandson was in intensive care. Cabin crew was able to stop the plane from taxiing, allowing the couple to disembark.

They were able to rush to their grandson’s side, who died the next day. The airline is being praised for going “above and beyond” for the couple, in what many feel is a rare gesture of kindness from a big corporation, according to Yahoo News.

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