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Emrana Kabir Hashi

Plane crash survivor Emrana loses her fingers

Emrana Kabir Hashi, a survivor of the US-Bangla plane crash, lost four of her fingers, said her doctor, Agencies report.At present, Hashi, a teacher in Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology is receiving treatment in Singapore.

She is among the two Bangladeshi survivors taken to Singapore after being injured in the plane crash in Kathmandu on March 12. She was on her way to Nepal with her husband Rakibul Hasan for holidaying.

Rakibul was among the 49 passengers who were killed in the crash. Severely injured Hashi was moved to Singapore General Hospital from Nepal. She is receiving treatment from Dr C Jack, consultant of the hospital’s burn unit.

“They had to amputate four fingers from the left hand of Emrana Kabir Hashi,” said Dr Hossain Imam, resident surgeon of Burn and Plastic Surgery Unit at Dhaka Medical College Hospital, citing Dr Jack.

“Probably she was holding something in her left hand while the accident occurred; nothing was left in her fingers after they were burned out, which we already saw in Nepal,” he said.

“Emrana is recovering although she got infections in her blood. She will need more treatment,” said Dr Imam who has been to Nepal to treat the survivors.

Another Bangladeshi survivor of the crash, Rizwanul Kabir, is also receiving treatment from Dr Jack in Singapore.

He is doing comparatively better, said Dr Imam quoting Dr Jack.

“Rizwan is better now and able to walk. His dressing of wounds has been changed. Now he is receiving psychiatric therapy. We hope he will be released by 28th or 29th of March after putting skin on his back,” he said.

Yaqub Ali, another survivor was taken to Apollo Hospital in New Delhi from Kathmandu.  Dr Imam said Yaqub has gone through a surgery on his foot and now gradually improving.

Three among the ten injured in the air-plane crash are receiving treatment overseas. The other seven were brought to Bangladesh and admitted to the Burn Unit of DMCH.

Among those seven survivors, Almun Nahar Anee was re-admitted to the burn unit on Wednesday after she was sent home. She lost her husband Farook Hossain Priyok and daughter Tamara Priyonmoyee.

Anee was unaware of the death of her husband and daughter before the bodies of those killed in the crash reached Dhaka. She was taken home once the bodies came.

She is suffering from chest pain and unable to eat and became weak – the physical problems associated with her mental trauma stemming from the death news of her husband and daughter, Dr Imam told bdnews24.com

“When her relatives spoke to Dr Samanta Lal, he asked them to bring her in.” Another two survivors being treated in Dhaka Shahreen Ahmed and Shaheen Bepari underwent their first surgeries on Wednesday.

The crash left Kabir Hossain with multiple fractures in his legs, infections and troubled breathing.  He said the decision regarding Kabir’s surgery will be taken next week.

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