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The aircraft on the runway at Tambo airport. Pic: Warren Mann

Plane’s Undercarriage Collapses During Landing

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Passengers flying from Port Elizabeth to Johannesburg, South Africa, had a lucky escape when the landing gear of their aircraft broke off on landing., Sky News reports.

The jet, operated by Comair under a British Airways franchise, was on final approach to OR Tambo airport when the pilot warned the 94 passengers there was a problem with the landing gear.

Passenger Warren Mann told Sky News that after the aircraft touched down the wheel collapsed and the plane skidded along the runway creating a shower of sparks. “It happened on impact as far as I remember – it all happened so quickly,” he said.

“There was a bang and a shudder. The pilot said after we landed that the left landing gear had broken off. I think he did well to keep it on the runway.  “The wing of the plane was scraping along the ground and the fire brigade came over and sprayed the plane with foam.

“It was quite an experience – not one I’d wish to repeat. But luckily there were no injuries.”  A spokesperson for British Airways said the aircraft did not belong to the airline and no-one was injured.

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