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PM resorting to lies, says BNP

“We’re condemning and protesting these lies,” said BNP Joint Secretary General Ruhul Kabir Rizvi in a statement on Wednesday after Hasina’s recent statements in Parliament.
Referring to violence during the BNP blockade, Hasina said: “She (Khaleda) is going on killing people for personal reasons and not for any national cause.”
“She will be tried in the same way a killer is tried.”
The prime minister said: “What Khaleda Zia is doing is sheer terrorism… it’s not a movement.”
The BNP-led 20-Party Alliance is enforcing a countrywide non-stop transport blockade since Jan 5 to press for snap polls under a non-party caretaker government.
“Even after confining the Deshonetri (leader of the country) to her office at Gulshan for 16 days by parking brick, sand and wood-laden trucks and deploying a large number of police, the prime minister has told the nation that Begum Zia was not confined,” Rizvi said in the media statement.
Khaleda had announced the blockade after failing to leave her office to attend a party rally on Jan 5 due to police obstruction.
After police were withdrawn from around her office, the BNP chairperson had urged the government, at a press conference on Monday, to initiate dialogue on snap polls.
She announced that the blockade would continue until BNP-led alliance’s key demand was met.
At least 30 people have died in blockade-related violence, including bomb and arson attacks on vehicles.
The ruling Awami League and the BNP are accusing each other for the deaths.
“The government is blaming the opposition for the subversive acts it (government) has unleashed by establishing a one-party rule. They (government) have imposed restrictions on the mass media,” Rizvi said.
He condemned arrest of the leaders and activists of the 20-Party Alliance, including BNP acting Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.

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