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Drought conditions continue worse than usual in Puerto Rico due to the drastic lack of rainfall over most of the island, except for the eastern and northwestern regions.

Puerto Rico drought kills thousands of fish in reservoir

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico  ” Authorities in Puerto Rico say a worsening drought has killed thousands of fish in one reservoir as a result of dwindling water levels. The secretary of the Department of Natural Resources says that more than 8,000 sardines have died in La Plata reservoir in the northern town of Toa Alta because of a lack of oxygen. Carmen Guerrero said Saturday that she fears other fish will start dying soon as well.

The government has imposed strict water rationing measures and has started fining people for improper water usage. The number of municipalities facing a severe drought has nearly doubled in the past two weeks. More than 1.8 million people in Puerto Rico are now affected by the drought, AP reports.

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