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Trail of devastation at Pakistan Shrine attacked by IS as some relatives hold photos of their missing ones.

Rahe Bhander Condemns Pak Shrine Attack

Organizer of the Universal Sufi Festival and the Sufi Master of Rahe Bhander Tariqa- Allama Sufi Syed Zafar Sadek Shah strongly condemned IS terrorist attack killing 52 innocent people including worshippers near the shrine of Sufi saint Shah Noorani, some 750 km south of Quetta in Pakistan, says a press release.

Criticizing Pakistan government for such an attack on Sufi Community, he demanded a neutral investigation and justice for the cowardly terrorist attack. Thorough a press note, he nixed the ideology of being entitled to heaven through killing people. “Islam neither endorses suicide nor terrorism as it is the religion of peace” he observed.

He also expressed deep sympathy for the bereaved families and prayed for salvation of their departed souls.

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