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Rampal-II power project : Army firm gets land dev work

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The Cabinet Purchase Committee on Wednesday approved five procurement proposals, including awarding contract for the land development of 1320 MW Rampal phase-II coal-fired power plant to a  firm run by the Bangladesh Army.  A meeting of the committee, held with Industries Minister Amir Hossain Amu in the chair, gave the nod to the proposals, placed by different ministries. Bangladesh Army-run Bangladesh Diesel Plant Ltd (BDP) won the land development contract involving Tk 75.18 crore.

The BDP, a commercial venture of Bangladesh Army, got the job under an unsolicited offer without participating in any tender process, while state-owned Power Development Board (PDB) will set up a power plant at the site named as Block-B of Rampal area beside the under-construction Rampal phase-I power plant in Block-A. The Rampal phase-I project is now being implemented by Bangladesh-India Friendship Power Company Ltd (BIFPCL), a joint venture of the PDB and Indian NTPC, as per an understanding between Dhaka and New Delhi.

Under the proposal, Bangladesh Diesel Plant Ltd (BDP) will carry out a number of works for the project including 5.5 meter- to 6 meter-wide earth filling, 30-meter wide embankment construction and geo textile installation on the adjacent river bank for the Rampal Phase-II plant. Environmentalists have been vigorously opposing the idea of constructing any coal-fired power plant at Rampal, sensing a potential threat to the Sundarbans, a mangrove forest enlisted by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

The Power Division’s another proposal for appointment of a consultant for Ghorasal 365-MW combined cycle power plant also received the nod of the Cabinet body. The Consortium of O&M Solutions (Marishes) and O&M Solutions (Bangladesh) and Power Energy Engineering Ltd won the contract at a cost of Tk 13.56 crore. A proposal of the Health and Family Planning Ministry for the procurement of 1.40 crore pieces of inject-able contraceptives and Food Ministry’s proposal for the import of total 100,000 metric tons of wheat received the Cabinet body’s approval. German-based Helm AG will supply the contraceptives at cost of Tk 56.56 crore.

Singapore-based Agro Group International will supply 50,000 metric tons of wheat at rate of $238.28 per metric ton while Dubai-based Finish Capacity will supply the rest 50,000 metric ton wheat at a rate of $237.09 per metric ton. The total cost of 100,000 metric tons of wheat will cost Tk 192.32 crore.

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