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Rapists on prowl amid state patronage: CPB

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Strongly reprimanding the gang-rape of an indigenous woman in a moving vehicle in the city, Communist Party of Bangladesh (CPB) on Saturday alleged that the rapists are out on the prowl due to state instigation and patronage, UNB reports. In a statement, CBP president Mujahidul Islam Selim and general secretary Syed Abu Zafar Ahmed said, “The incidents of rape and sexual harassment are being taken place one after another, but those responsible for the crimes go unpunished. They’re beyond touch.”

A 22-year-old Garo woman was gang-raped in a moving microbus in the city’s Kuril area Thursday night. A group of youths dragged the woman into the vehicle from Kuril Bus Stand area as she was waiting there to get a bus for returning to her Uttara home around 9:30pm. Criticising the government for its ‘nonchalant’ to track down the criminals, Selim and Zafar said the justice seekers are being attacked as there has been no step to take actions against the culprits.

“The police chief has instigated the rapists and sex offenders describing such harassment as naughtiness. The rapists now have become desperate due to the state instigation and patronage,” the statement added. Regretting that the country is now in the grip of injustice, they questioned whether the government wants to make it a safe haven of rapists without taking any action against them.

The left party leaders urged people to get united and resist the rapists and sexual offenders with their own power as the government looks inactive. They also called for intensifying political, social and cultural movements against rape and assaults on women.

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