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The photo, possibly of the ISIS flag, stuck on the home's wall in Durban. (Photo supplied)

Reports of ISIS flag flown at home in Durban

WT24 Desk

Durban – Reports of a Pinetown resident flying what appears to be the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) flag at his home in the Durban suburb surfaced on Tuesday just days after the militant group claimed responsibility for attacks in Paris, news24 reports.

The attacks claimed more than 120 lives. One of the flags has been erected on a pole and another, appearing to be a printout, has been fixed to a perimeter wall in the residential complex. South African Community Action Network spokesperson Andreas Mathios said they had received several reports from concerned residents.

“We have noted the reports and when we looked at the incident, the flags were clearly visible.” He said they had notified the relevant authorities. Mathios added that given what had happened in France, the incident was being taken seriously and referred to authorities as fast as possible.

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