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Rhode Island couple ‘upcycle’ Christmas trees as goat food

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A Rhode Island couple are offering nearby residents the chance to easily recycle their old Christmas trees — as food for their goats, UPI reports.

Russ Smith and Joan Mann of Tiverton said they are accepting donations of Christmas trees that haven’t been treated with flame retardant or other chemicals to feed to their two adult goats, Bela and Fleck, and two 6-month-old goats, Marlin and Bruce.

They said the goats are only too happy to make the out-of-season holiday decorations disappear. “The goats eat the pine needles and the bark, they strip it bare,” Mann told WPRI-TV.

They said the trees aren’t just delicious for the goats, they’re also nutritious. “Not only do they love them, but it’s good for them,” Smith told The Herald News. “They’re loaded with nutrients and antioxidants. It’s a natural de-wormer.”

The couple are asking anyone looking to get rid of their tree to consider dropping it off at their farm instead of tossing it in the trash.

“Our goal is to just let people know that Christmas trees can be used, reused for a good purpose, upcycled for livestock,” Smith said.


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