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Rid Chaktai-Khatoonganj of terror

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Speakers at a human chain program called for taking urgent steps to make the Chaktai-Khatoonganj area free of all sorts of terrorism and extortions yesterday, Agencies report.

They said terror activities at Chaktai-Khatoonganj known as the commercial hub of Bangladesh hamper the commercial operation leading to decline in economic development.

The programme was arranged by the businessmen of Chaktai-Rajakhali  in protest against attack on Mohammad Akhter, helm of Ms Haji Rice Agency by alleged identified terrorist Alamgir on Saturday night.

Sources said Alamgir  and his accomplices demanded toll from businessman Mizan, but he managed to flee. The terrorists stabbed in his body as the local businessman Akhter opposed their such heinous act. Akther is now undergoing treatment at Chittagong Medical College Hospital with a critical condition.

Speakers demanded gearing up police petrol, installing CC camera and activating community policing in the Chaktai area.

The human chain  program was participated, among others, by Shanti Sawdagar, Ibrahim Sawdagar, Abdur Rahim Sawdagar, Javed Hossain Sawdagar, Salam Sawdagar, Manju Sawdagar and Sabbir Sawdagar.

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