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Oliver Curtis and wife Roxy Jacenko before he was sentenced. Picture: Ross Schultze

Roxy Jacenko in tears as husband Oliver Curtis is jailed for one year for insider trading

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BANKER Oliver Curtis has been sentenced to one year in jail with his wife Roxy Jacenko watched on a metre away from her husband, The Daily Telegraph reports.A tearful Ms Jacenko kissed her husband in the dock as sheriffs prepared to take him into custody. Curtis then waved to his parents in the public gallery.

The public relations queen locked eyes with her husband as Justice Lucy McCallum fixed a total term of two years. Sheriffs passed her his watch which he is not allowed to have in custody. “I did not think any lesser sentence would adequately reflect the seriousness of the offence,” Justice McCallum said.

The court has ordered that after completing one year of full time custody, Curtis can be released on a bond of $2000. Roxy Jacenko put sunglasses on and did not comment as she left court and ducked into a waiting car.

The couple had arrived in a hire car five minutes before Justice McCallum began her sentencing remarks and were surrounded by dozens of waiting camera crews.

Justice McCallum found Curtis to be an “equal and willing participant” in the insider trading scheme and found his former childhood best friend and fellow St Ignatius Riverview alien John Joseph Hartman to be a reliable witness.

The court has found Curtis will continue to enjoy the support of his family, including father Nick Curtis, and that his rehabilitation would not be impeded by a full time stint in custody. “He is evidently a man of incredible resilience,” Justice McCallum said.

The court has found that Hartman, who received a reduction in sentence as a result of his guilty plea and offering to give evidence against Curtis, did have a higher degree of culpability in the crime.

The jury, through its unanimous verdict, accepted the Crown case that Curtis used information provided by Hartman. However Justice McCallum has found that Curtis was “complicit” as he knew Hartman to be the source of the information through his work as an equities trader at Orion Asset Management.

The judge found there was no need to the sentence to ensure personal deterrence for Curtis because he is “unlikely to reoffends” but said a jail sentence has “real bite” in deterring others in the community to not engage in white collar crime.

Justice McCallum noted white collar offences are usually committed by “highly educated” people from “privileged backgrounds.” Curtis was found guilty by a Supreme Court jury last month of one

charge of conspiring to commit insider trading, which carried a maximum penalty of five years in jail. The court heard the $1.4 million scheme enabled Hartman and Curtis to splash out on a luxurious lifestyle in their early 20s, including lavish overseas holidays and rent on an expensive Bondi apartment.

Curtis will be eligible for release in June next year.

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