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Relatives of a passenger aboard the crashed Russian airliner with 217 passengers and seven crew aboard, as people gather at Pulkovo airport in St.Petersburg, Russia (Photo: AFP)

Russia sceptical of ISIS’ claim that it shot down airliner over Egypt’s Sinai

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Cairo: Moscow said on Saturday that it was sceptical of claims by the Islamic State group’s Egyptian affiliate to have downed a Russian passenger jet in the Sinai Peninsula, killing all 224 people onboard, agencies report.

“This information cannot be considered accurate,” transport minister Maksim Sokolov said in comments cited by Russian news agencies. “We are in close contact with our Egyptian colleagues and aviation authorities in the country. At present, they have no information that would confirm such insinuations,” he added.

Earlier in the day, a militant group affiliated to Islamic State in Egypt claimed responsibility for the downing of a Russian passenger plane in a statement circulated by supporters on Twitter.  However, Egyptian security sources had said that preliminary investigations suggested the plane crashed due to a technical fault.

The claim of responsibility was also carried by the Aamaq website which acts as a semi official news agency for Islamic State.”The fighters of the Islamic State were able to down a Russian plane over Sinai province that was carrying over 220 Russian crusaders. They were all killed, thanks be to God,” the statement circulated on Twitter said.

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