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Scrutiny of election officials

Such informal investigation should be halted

To everyone’s surprise, police is gathering background information of potential polling officials. This is not only a harassment of their families but also an overstretch of responsibility of the police. It also caused discomfort among those officials.

Though the Election Commission has sent no instruction to the police to do so,  local police in many districts have gone about obtaining the list of probable polling officers including their political affiliation.

It is the exclusive right and authority of the returning officer to appoint public officials as polling officers and not the police’s responsibility, Rafiqul Islam, an election commissioner explained to a national daily.

The fact that the police in many parts of the country is doing the same job suggests it’s being coordinated.  We wonder why the police is carrying out such unauthorised query.

Such informal investigation must be halted for the sake of a credible election devoid of administrative influence. All actions related to the election should be under the order of the officials appointed by the EC. The EC should instruct the police to refrain from doing something beyond the purview of their responsibility.

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