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Clockwise from top left: The video, filmed in secret by animal rights activists, shows thousands of baby chicks crammed into crates before the selection process begins. Workers toss and grab the chicks around the assembly line as if they aren't alive. The chirping chicks are just a day old during their processing and can be seen still attached to their egg shells and Carousel of cruelty: The chicks are seen piling up around the edge of a pit as they are stabbed with needles and chucked down the hole youtube

Secret film shows abuse of newborn chicks in factory where rejects have their heads pulled off while still alive

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Footage recorded by an animal rights group reveals the inhumane treatment of little chicks during the first day of their lives, The Sun reports. The video shows thousands of chirping chicks being poured from crammed crates onto conveyor belts and then undergoing a gruesome selection process for the meat industry.

Undesirable babies have their heads pulled off while still alive and others are thrown into black bin liners to be disposed of. The chicks ‘lucky’ enough to avoid decapitation are then tossed around by factory workers and fired through chutes to the next stages. Some are seen still attached to their broken shells as they are crammed into the mechanical mayhem.

Survivors pile up at a carousel-style section where they are picked up by workers who stab them with large vaccination needles and toss them down a hole. The video goes on to explain how the one-day-old birds are pumped full of growth hormones so that they grow to full size in just 40 days.

The Animal Equality group behind the video captioned the clip: ‘What the meat industry doesn’t want us to see.”  The footage has been viewed over 30 million times and is believed to have been shot in the US, although similar practices are common in Britain. Millions of male chicks fail to make it through their first day as they are labelled as useless and killed for not being able to lay eggs.

The British Egg Information Service claims they are ‘humanely gassed’ and admits this happens whether eggs are free range or not.

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