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The North got off to a chilly -7C start this morning - and temperatures aren't looking to get warmer as the week goes on Alamy Live News / Fame Flynet / Getty Images

Severe weather warnings as Arctic snap sweeps across UK… with London and South hit by snow on Wednesday

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SEVERE weather warnings have been issued across the UK as temperatures plummet to below zero across the country, according to The Sun.  London was hit by a heavy frost this morning, with temperatures in the capital and across the south plunging to a freezing -2C – and the north could see lows of -14C.

The Met Office have enforced a level-3 “Cold Weather Action” warning until Wednesday in large swathes of the country – with the mercury not looking to rise much higher as the week comes to a close. A lesser level-2 warning is in place across the southern part of the UK – where temperatures are still set to remain around 0C for most of the week.

Level-3 alerts in place in the West Midlands, the North West, Yorkshire and Humber and the North East of England mean it is 90 per cent likely there will be severe cold weather. In the south the probability of freezing conditions is at 60 per cent, with young children and the elderly advised to take care to avoid injury or falling ill in the chilly weather across the country.

Brits got off to a chilly start this morning with temperatures plummetting to just -7C in parts of Scotland and a two inch snowfall in the most northern parts of the UK. London and the south wasn’t looking much warmer – with the mercury stuck at a nippy 1C in the capital city.

The Met Office warns northeasterly winds will spill into the UK for the rest of the week, leaving it cold and showery – with up to 15 centimetres of snow expected in places. Forecaster Ellie Creed said: “Wintry showers will start to spread further south on Monday with a risk as far south as London and the southeast. “Further north snow will be heavier and it is going to be quite cold overnight before a more settled but chilly day on Tuesday.

“There is a risk of further wintry precipitation over high ground in Wales and central England from Wednesday into Thursday and by Friday rain will push pretty much across the whole of the UK. “It is going to remain chilly through the week with temperatures rising slightly during the day bringing more of a mixture of rain, sleet and snow.”

Netweather said thermometers in the north could dip to -14C this week, with overnight lows of -3C (27F) further south. Spokesman Paul Michaelwaite said: “Beyond Monday is where things start to get a bit more complicated.

“Fronts are going to try to push their way in from the northwest, but with high pressure over Scandinavia at least slowing their progress, and colder air over the UK still, that brings the risk of snow.”

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