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Shahrukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan “I am a fakir in real life”

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Although he is the second richest actor in the world, in real life Shahrukh Khan says he is much like a fakir completely detached from the massive success he enjoys.

Shahrukh Khan said, “I am not attached to my success at all. People who work with me will tell you that. If you meet them they will sometimes garb it into a ‘SRK is charming, he is sweet, and he is humble’ and that is because they don’t know what else to say she when they work with me. But I am not at all enamoured or attached to my success, reports the Indian Express.

He also said “It’s a strange thing to say but I am quite a fakir as far as real life is concerned. I wear rich clothes and look really cool and make the right moves when I am out as a star but that is also an act. I have become used to being a star. So I have become like that but in personal life I am extremely fakir like. I am not attached to success. I have never had the time to enjoy the money that I make”

For someone who previously had said that he enjoys material things, it seemed to be contradictory statement now. His reasoning seems to be, “I have always liked material things. It’s like the ‘Monk who sold his Ferrari’. Genuinely I believe in it. The reason I liked material things was because had I not tasted it, I wouldn’t have known how to give it up. I can’t give up anything that I have never had. My family and I have a simple lifestyle. It may not seem like that. The only luxury I allow myself is that I will do things on my own time. But yes, I don’t attach myself to material success.”

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