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The surgeon patiently teases out the bulging 'parasite' with water .The woman was left with a huge hole in her brain after the 'parasite' was extracted .Youtube

Shocking video shows a surgeon remove a huge “parasite” from a patient’s BRAIN

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A GRUESOME video apparently shows the moment a surgeon removes a huge white “parasite” from a patient’s brain, The Sun reports. The video starts by the doctor opening up the woman’s skull and revealing an enormous white mass within her brain. A small tube is inserted that pumps out water and gradually eases the ball-shaped “parasite” into a ready-waiting bowl.

 The young female patient is left with a huge gaping hole in her brain but, miraculously, is shown with a bandaged head moving her arms and legs at the end of the video.The video was uploaded onto YouTube by IPersonInfo who explained the balloon-like mass is a parasite.  They wrote: “Parasite eggs are carried by the blood to all organs of the body, where they grow and multiply.

“The parasites enter the body with food, meat, poultry, fish and other life sea products.”  Some viewers were inspired to become brain surgeons and others found the extraction weirdly satisfying. One person wrote: “At first watching this grosses me out and then fascination just takes over.”

Another said: “Science is something beautiful…”

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