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C4G40Y World Trade Center fire/ terrorism September 11, 2001. Emergency personnel outside One WTC. (¿ Richard B. Levine)

SIXTH SENSE The 9/11 terror attacks, MH370 falling from the sky and Hitler’s rise: 10 grim predictions that came TRUE

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A GROUP of hardcore Christians have predicted the end of the world in 2017 after finding links between the solar eclipse due to hit the UK and America and passages in the Book of Revelation, The Sun reports. While it is yet to be revealed whether their premonition will become a reality, here are 10 times that spooky premonitions have come true…


The tragedy of September 11, 2001 led to numerous accounts from people who claimed to have predicted the events. On his way to work, Barrett Naylor had the sudden feeling that he needed to return home. When he arrived home it was to the scene of the Twin Towers burning on live TV.

Abraham Lincoln

Not only did Abraham Lincoln correctly predict a murder, he correctly predicted his own murder. The former President of The United States dreamt he was in the White House attending a funeral. When he asked who the congregation were mourning, the soldier replied: “The President’s.”

Soon after, Lincoln was assassinated.


Nostradamus, the 16th-century French philosopher has had many premonitions that have come true. Fans of his work have interpreted it in many ways – and some go as far as to suggest that he predicted that fiery objects would one day start falling from the sky. Some have taken this to mean that he prophesied that there would one day be air disasters such as the disappearance of flight MH307 – long before the invention of aircraft themselves.


In 1914 the psychoanalyst Carl Jung had an eerily accurate premonition of the First World War. He saw images of a sea of blood and water, that he claimed represented the trenches, stretching from the Alps to the North Sea. The war began a month after his dream.


Nostradamus also foresaw the rise of Hitler. Alarmingly, as he had predicted, Hitler rose from a poor background to gain power in the East, lived in Germany and was a big part of a large battle.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Hitler wasn’t the only aspect of World War Two that Nostradamus foresaw. He also had a premonition of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombs, how they would be dropped between the two cities and would create famine. His accuracy, hundreds of years ahead of the bombs dropping, is unbelievable.

American Airlines DC-10 Flight 191

In 1970, for 10 consecutive nights, David Booth had a recurring nightmare of a plane crash. Horrifyingly, on the tenth day, the American Airlines DC-10 flight 191 crashed after take off. The plane flipped and burst into flames killing 272 people.


Many people claimed to have foretold the fateful end to the Titanic through premonitions. Anne Ward, a maid, refused to board the ship before it set sail, as she believed that something bad would happen. By staying on dry land, she likely saved her own life.

Hurricane Katrina

A monk had a vision of the state of Louisiana unprepared for a disaster that would come from the Gulf. Scarily, in 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans causing mass destruction.

Great Fire of London

Another of Nostradamus’ incredible premonitions is that of the Great Fire of London. He not only correctly predicted the setting of the the fire, but also the date, 1666. However, his implication that hundreds of people would die failed to become a reality.

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