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Snow today up north with more to come

Snow and ice sweep the north as Arctic blast is set to send temperatures plummeting to -11C

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TEMPERATURES are predicted to plunge as low as -11C in the coming days as a freezing Arctic weather system makes its presence felt in northern England, The Sun reports.  Residents in Cumbria, Northumberland and the Scottish Borders woke up to a sheet of snow this morning that comes on the back of bad weather earlier this week.

On Friday, Aberdeenshire was hit by both heavy rain and snow leading to flooding in some areas while icy driving conditions proved a nightmare for motorists in Cumbria and Northumberland.  Warnings were put out today for winds of up to 70mph along with 1.5 inches of rain and two inches of snow.

Forecasters expect sub-zero temperatures on Tuesday night, which could last until Thursday. as well as snow across the country by next weekend. Sunny periods are expected between bouts of snow and sleet but the mercury will remain low as parts of southern Britain could see some snowfall.

Met Office forecaster Dean Hall said: “We obviously had a very mild and wet December and the start of January was also mild but very unsettled with lots of rain.”  He added: “As we go into [next week the] low pressure stays over the UK before heading eastwards over the North Sea and the rest of Europe.

“It is pulling in much colder air flows across the UK and is going to be a shock to the system.”  The colder weather will be particularly bad news for parts of the north battered by storms over the last few weeks that saw high floodwaters swap whole towns.

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